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Ever since I shared my 4Life story. 4Life advocates  began to email me similar stories. This one was submitted by Carrie Lopez, a 4Life believer and spokeperson.

We all want  to have a healthy and fit body but due to unwanted circumstances like stress, abnormal food intake, alcohol and lack of sleep, we fall into the trap and gain weight. And as we gain weight, we lose our confidence.I know the feeling because I've been there.

When pressure hits our personal lives, we usually eat our stress away. I got fat quicker than I thought and it was really hard for me to lose weight. Even though I tried different diets and did serious exercises, it didn't work.  It was so frustrating.

Thank God I met 4Life.

I’ve learned that our immune system plays a special role in losing weight. According to the methodological letter published by the Ministry of Health of Russia, there is a virus that causes obesity and the only part of our body that is responsible for killing this certain virus is our own immune system.

4Life is known as an immune system company around the world because of its research about Transfer Factor. Transfer Factor is an immune molecule that can educate, boost and balance our immune system. It can help our immune system to recognize threats, respond to it and remember.

My personal experience taking this medication was really amazing. I've always wanted to lose weight because I felt so heavy then, with no confidence at all, I was on my way to depression and I prayed to God to lead me to  a healthier lifestyle.  Miraculously 4Life came to my life.

This was taken May of 2012, I actually hated the way I look . It was unacceptable for me because I was not that fat before.

As  I  started  taking  4Life  BioEFA  and  Glutamine  Prime.  BioEFA  then  was  a newly launched product , I was there during the product launching and the Head Scientific Officer of 4Life, Dr. McCausland discussed in great detail how th product worked. He said that BioEFA is rich with Omega 3 and Omega  6,  it  good  for  memory  enhancement,  regulation  of  Cholesterol,  good eyesight and weight management.

Glutamine Prime on the other side is good for liver cleansing and  has anti-stress formula.I knew then that stress was the major cause of my weight gain. When I took the medication, I remembered feeling thirsty instead of hungry. I’d rather drink water than eat solid food, and I usually get full right away. I also perspired and peed most of the time during my first 2 months of intake.

I lost weight. I truly lost weight!

In November of the same year, I realized I got my confidence back. I started to present about 4Life, I became one of the company’s speakers. I started to talk about 4Life and Transfer Factor in different towns and provinces because I’m so happy with what it did to me. I started to talk about the truth, the amazing results, the wonderful things about the company and its products.

I couldn't thank 4Life enough. I lost weight and I gained confidence. Don't you want the same thing?

I have more stories to tell but for now I would just like the world to know the first step of my transformation with the help of 4Life products.

I challenge you to take the same opportunity and get ready to transform to a newer, lovelier, better you.

If you are interested in hearing more why not talk to Carrie herself. 

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