Paranaque City Jail to Undergo a Major Renovation & Rehabilitation

A regular driver,conductor,private passenger or commuter passing to and fro the Coastal road can easily have a perfect picture of the structure being the subject of this positive development article.

The bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) - Paranaque City Jail building at a time housed one of the most controversial suspects in the gruesome,historic, and controversial Vizconde Massacre - Hubert Webb, son of former Senator,basketball idol and actor Freddie Webb.

Presently,Paranaque Jail houses more than 800 inmates awaiting decision of their trials.

Bearing in mind the pacing of our justice system, the imbalance of new inmates coming into the facility versus the number of prisoners being set free or transferred to Bilibib further escalates.

Like most prison camps in the archipelago, this inmate population supper exceeds the building's ideal and intended headcount. BJMP Paranaque's present jail warden, surprisingly a lady sentinel fortified with beauty and competence, is able to manage the facility orderly and clean.

Inmates here wear the same set of uniforms  worn by their equals in other city jails. Yet noticeably, prisoners here are tidier and cleaner like the courteous greetings they utter upon meeting any jail official,personnel or guest.

As a mother-warden to BJMP Paranaque jailbirds, Jail Supt. Flory Sanchez incessantly dreams of a better facility that will promote conducive accommodation - a more humane temporary shelter for them.

But because of financial constraints to fund its realization, this hope  has remained a fairy tale. For so many years,the said building remained virtually the same. Some improvements or renovations probably took place but too tiny to be noticed. Finally the wait is over. For this "neglected" jail facility's major make-over is at hand.

An admirable lawmaker who hails from Cagayan De Oro  City generously allotted P15 million to finance the renovation-rehab improvement of the city jail.

Sen. Koko Pimentel provided the amount to fund the said project through the efforts of Paranaque City Mayor Edwin Olivarez, City Administrator Atty. Fernando Soriano, and Moonwalk Brgy Captain Doods Antipuesto. Engineers from the office of DPWH under District Engineer Arleen Beltran have recently visited the jail facility and started to do the initial inspection ad evaluation works.

The said DPWH Engineering office is the assigned government agency that will carry out the construction works of this remarkable project.

According to Jail Supt. Sanchez topping the list of expected improvements and makeover of the city jail is setting up additional and vertical extensions  of security wires located at the rooftop to discourage escape imagination adventures among inmates. Included too, is the construction of a covered court in the same roof deck to provide the prisoners with a better physical,athletic, and recreational area. Construction of a modern and decent kitchen will be part of the project's scope of work.

Sanchez also said that additional CCTV system will be placed in strategic areas of the penitentiary. Likewise,a state of the art biomeric machine will be installed for a more reliable and accurate headcount of inmates.

Additional dorms and rooms for the inmates will be constructed as well improvements and beautification of bathrooms and toilets will be part of the development plan.

Mayor Olivarez  expressed gratitude to Sen. Pimentel for the financial grant the latter has extended for the improvement of the city jail facilities.

The mayo has also lauded the undertaking exerted by Brgy Captain Antipuesto in facilitating the financial grant.

The project is a solid testament of the aforementioned public servant's dedication to provide Paranaque City jail inmates of a better and decent momentary shelter as they  are being holistically prepared,molded,transformed to become upright members of society again.

Truly,everybody deserves a second chance and in Paranaque city, there still solid hopes even behind bards.

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