Taguig celebrates 428th founding anniversary


The Taguig City government has lined up various activities that will coincide with the celebration of the city’s 428th founding anniversary on April 25.

 The celebration which has started on April 20 will include three major activites, namely: the Mutya ng Taguig beauty pageant, a showcase of the beauty of TaguigeƱas on April 22; Kasalang Bayan on April 20 which sanctified  the marriage of about 150 couples; and  the Lipad Lipunang Maunlad- a Kite competition on May 2 where various kite flyers will once again brighten up the sky with living colors of their self-designed kites.

 Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano said the Kasalang Bayan, which was held  at the Hagonoy Gym, is one of the components of the moral recovery program of the city instituted since she assumed office in 2010.

 Some of the couples who joined the Kasalang Bayan were previously living in together without the sanctity of marriage, but they eventually responded to the call of Mayor Lani to formalize their unity through the Kasalang Bayan.

 The coronation night for the Mutya ng Taguig will also be held at the Hagonoy Gym to crown the winners of the beauty pageant.

 Prior to the coronation night, about 27 beautiful candidates from different barangays have been pre-selected in a pre-pageant contest held on April 18 at the Hagonoy Gym.

 Mayor Lani said the Mutya ng Taguig pageant is organized to search for a new ambassador of beauty and goodwill for the city.

 The Go Fly Kite competition will be held in Napindan, Taguig with different kite enthusiasts expected to join in this colorful sky tournament.

 About 428 years ago on April 25, Taguig had been declared a town under the province of Manila comprising of only nine barrios.

 The early settlers of Taguig, originally 800 farmer-fishermen, were known to be good at threshing rice after harvest. Hence they were referred to as “mga taga-giik,” which, after so many mispronouncements, “taga-giik” became “tagui-ig” that was eventually shortened to become what is known today as “Taguig.”

 Today, Taguig City is one of the premier cities in Metro Manila with a bustling commercial and business district in Barangay Fort Bonifacio that is home to a great number of corporate centers, malls, embassies, international schools, hospitals, restaurants and posh condominium buildings.

 At the same time, Taguig has preserved its coastal barangays to benefit the fishing communities where the city has been known for. In its program "Probinsyudad", Taguig maintains the balance of having a provincial environment surrounded by lush greeneries in the city.

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