Red Cross Continues to help 18 months after typhoon Haiyan

I have forgotten Haiyan, it is hard to remember something that has long passed and is not visible to one's naked eyes. But Haiyan should not be forgotten. People continue to suffer, people continue to ask for help.

I attended an forum entitled "Lessons Learned Forum" wherein the Philippine Red Cross highlighted the continued efforts to hep the direct victims of Haiyan. As of May 1,2015 these are the statistics of the Philippine Red Cross:
  • 744 Brgy Recovery Committees

  • 83,127 Houses to be built

  • 54,765 Houses built


  • 62 Health Facilities to be rehabilitated/constructed

  • 101 communities to receive basic First Aid training

  • 500 Humanitarian workers targeted for Psycho Social report

  • 23 Health Facilities already rehbilitated/constructed

  • 98 communites already received basic First Aid training

  • 997 Humanitarian workers already trained


  • 58,541 Households to receive livelihood assistance

  • 100 communities targeted for livelihood projects

  • 1000 individuals targeted for skills and enterprise development

  • 55,389 Households that already received livelihood

  • 90,779 given cash relief during the emergency phase

  • 706 individuals provided skills training

  • 137 training conducted on short term livelihood

  • 20 community proposals submitted
  • 388 classrooms selected for repair

  • 217 classrooms repaired
  • 40,000 households targeted for hygiene promotion

  • 21 schools with improved access to water and sanitation

  • 30,261 households participated in hygiene promotion
  • 100 schools, communities, and workplaces to be trained in disaster risk

  • 192 communities volunteer groups to be organized

  • 75 instructors trained in disaster risk reduction

  • 193 communities volunteer groups organized
I tip my hat to the Philippine Red Cross. They have done outstanding work and they have exceeded the expectations of everybody. I can only hope that they are given continued support to help uplift the lives of our countrymen.

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