DPWH Reiterates Warning Against Imposter


The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) warns the agency’s internal and external stakeholders of unscrupulous individual or individuals who they claim to be or directly connected to the DPWH Secretary and other Senior Officials.

Secretary Rogelio L. Singson has received several reports from the field that unscrupulous individuals are calling Regional Directors and District Engineers to facilitate inclusion of projects in the DPWH Infrastructure Program, in particular a certain Baby Bueno Coady claiming she can secure contracts from DPWH.

Be vigilant about these calls; they are resourceful and use the exact names and even imitate the voice of the officials they are soliciting and in turn, may convince the ones receiving the call that the call is legitimate, said Singson. 

DPWH reiterates that requests for fund appropriation of local infrastructure projects for and on behalf of local government units or elected officials have to be carefully evaluated by the Department’s Planning Service consistent with the development priorities.

The DPWH includes the prioritized projects in its proposed annual budget, submitted to the Department of Budget and Management, for incorporation in the National Expenditure Program submitted by the President to the Congress for appropriation of funds under the General Appropriation Act for the following year.

DPWH posts in its website the list of all infrastructure projects covered by the allocation and the municipality and barangay where they are located.

With these occurrences, DPWH encourage everyone to report to the Stakeholders Relations Service with contact numbers 304-3370 or 304-3280 or Hotline Number 165-02 similar manner of communication from these individuals or any people calling or going to DPWH offices representing themselves as DPWH officials or their representatives.

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