Gov’t, Kalibrr to Forge Landmark Job Matchup Deal


In a groundbreaking agreement to be signed today, the National Government, together with job-matching startup company Kalibrr, will work together to open up more work opportunities for Filipinos in public service and ensure faster recruitment and hiring for government positions.

 In April this year, Kalibrr posted a number of available positions in government agencies and departments, attracting a total of 27,360 applications. In contrast, the government normally receives an average of only 200 applications a month. The DBM alone received 2,512 applications for just 32 job openings.

Noting the positive impact of the partnership on the government’s human resource initiatives, the National Government subsequently forged a Memorandum of Agreement with Kalibrr to formalize the arrangement. Under the MOA, Kalibrr will host government postings and requirements free of charge for one year.

 “The work of governance reform requires skill, talent, and integrity, and our Filipino youth have much of that to offer. By partnering with Kalibrr, we not only expose more young professionals to prime opportunities in public service. We also strengthen the necessary bridge between government and the private sector, so that we can further modernize the bureaucracy and streamline its functions and services,” said Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad.

 Kalibrr’s job matchup service has already resulted in the successful recruitment of young Filipinos, many of whom have expressed keen interest in a career in government.

 “Kalibrr did not just give me a job. Working with DBM allowed me to pursue one of my dreams: to be part of the government and to serve our country in the best possible way I can. I am indeed grateful for their help,” said Joseph Tabor, a newly hired HR administrative officer.

 “It was a relatively fast process compared to my other applications. I’m glad that government agencies are now posting vacancies at online job search sites. It makes the application process easier and more accessible to those who want to join the civil service,” said Michelle Gaurino, another HR administrative officer hired through Kalibrr.

 Kalibrr also noted the extraordinary public response to their government job postings, besides emphasizing the key role of young Filipinos in the country’s development.

 “The number of overall applicants received for our partner government agencies has been overwhelming. We at Kalibrr are glad to have been able to help them achieve their goals in finding young passionate Filipinos interested in making positive changes in our community. We look forward to continue being part of the nation-building process in any way we possibly can,” said Kalibrr CEO and co-founder Paul Rivera.

 Meanwhile, DBM Secretary Abad stressed the need for greater competitiveness in the bureaucracy, beginning with its human resource component.

 “For a long time, government work did not always seem an attractive career option for our young men and women. Over the last five years, we’ve been able to show that with the right leadership, public service can be a meaningful and competitive profession. There is already a great deal of talent across so many of our agencies. We would like to see more of that in the coming years,” Abad said.

 The new agreement was created with the help of the Bagumbayani Initiative, a program started by a group called the Young Public Servants (YPS) to promote positive change and integrity in government, specifically through the sustainable recruitment of young people into the civil service.

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