Mayor Edwin Olivarez, Brgy Capt. Concepcion "Chona" Navarro Celebrates Brgy Don Bosco's Feast of Mary, Help of Christians

Last May 24, 2016 I was witness to an awe inspiring event. Brgy Don Bosco celebrated the Feast of Mary, Help of Christians. The event coincided with the Brgy’s Fiesta and everybody was in festive spirits. The Fiesta started with the annual “karakol” (religious procession through dancing) and Santa Cruzan. But the highlight of the event was the mass headed by Bishop Roberto Calasa Mallari.



The day was graced with the presence of Don Bosco’s Brgy Capt. Concepcion “Chona” Navarro,whom organized the whole event and parade. the Mayor of Paranaque was also there, Mayor Edwin Olivarez, personally walked a great distance as part of his sacrifice prior to the mass, Lastly Congressman Gus Tambunting was also there with the presence of the City’s councillors.


As shared by Brgy Captain Concepcion “Chona” Navarro:


The Feast of Mary, Help of Christians is not on the universal Calendar of the Church; yet it is so widely spread, with the consent of the Holy See, that our Liturgical Year would have been incomplete without it. Its object is to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Help of Christians – a title the Mother of God has justly merited by the innumerable favors she has conferred upon Christendom. Since the day when the Holy Ghost descended upon Mary in the Cenacle, in order that she might begin to exercise over the Church Militant Her power as Queen – who could tell the number of times that She has aided, by Her protection, the Kingdom of Her Son on earth?

The Holy Church tells us that it is Mary who "alone destroys all heresies throughout the whole world." If public scandals or persecutions, or the tyranny of secular interference, have at times threatened to stay the progress of the Church, Mary has stretched forth Her arm, the obstacles were removed, and the Spouse of Jesus continued Her onward march, leaving Her foes and Her fetters behind Her. All this was vividly brought before the mind of the Holy Pontiff, St. Pius V, by the victory of Lepanto, gained by the Blessed Virgin Mary's intercession, over the Turkish fleet, and he resolved to add one more title to the glorious list given to Our Lady in Her Litany: it was Auxilium Christianorum, Help of Christians.


We invite you to partake in the gathering and join us in the festivities next year!

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