Congratulations Mayor Edwin Olivarez

 June 22,2016, at the session hall of City Hall of Paranaque. Sworn in front of the court of appeals associate justice Agnes Reyes Carpio. We are witness to the oath taking of Mayor Edwin Olivarez.
He has been the city of Paranaque's father since 2013 and has recently requested for support from the people of Paranaque to provide him an extension so that he can continue his grand plans for the city.
The city listened and despite many rumors of competitors, in the end he was able to run unopposed. A sign that his competitors know they wont stand a prayer in a fair game called politics.
Major Edwin L. Olivarez
Vice Major Rico golez
1st District Congressman Eric L. Olivarez
2nd district Congressman Gus Tambunting

1st District Councilors:
Coun. Roselle Nava-Tan
Coun. Bok Inciong
Coun. Eric baes
Coun. Joan Villafuerte
Coun. Vandolf Quizon
Coun. Jomari Yllana
Coun. Marvin Santos
Coun. Paul Gabriel Jr.

2nd District Councilors:
Coun. Binky Favis
Coun. Wahoo Sotto
Coun. Ryan Yllana
Coun. Edwin Bong Benzon
County. Its juvenile offic
Coun. Miles Antipuesto
Coun. Jacquelyn Bustamante-Mendoza
Approaches: a. Maritess de asis

Also attended the occasion by Mayor Olivarez wife Janet Olivarez and their three children Paolo, EJ and Christine.
We congratulate the good Mayor Edwin Olivarez.

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