Senator Allan Peter Cayetano Tells All!

Senator Allan Peter Cayetano, who ran as Vice President of President Duterte issued a statement via Facebook in the post he titled “Losing What Was Never Mine; Keeping What’s Important to Me.”

“Two groups offered me a deal. Taking just one of the two offers would have made me Senate President,”

“Yet, somehow I was never tempted to take the deal, because on May 7 2016, in Luneta, our historic miting de avance, I made a commitment"

"A commitment to help and protect our President. Our God-given ‘Reset Button’, who would initiate revolutionary change in our country and liberate us from illegal drugs, crime and corruption/incompetence/apathy in government.”

“I thought long and hard about it and I asked himself: How could a deal that made me S.P. (Senate President) but put the President and his agenda in jeopardy, be one that helps or protects him?”

He believed that such a deal would have made him Senate President but one that would be “inutil, powerful yet powerless.”

The senator said the Senate was the “Senate of The People,” an “instrument of change and not a tool for status quo.”

“I pray for Sen. Koko and all the senators that we may fulfill peoples mandate for change so decisively placed on the shoulders or President Rodrigo Roa Duterte,”

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