Oligarchs, Tax Evading Businessmen, and Metro Based Mayors Are Next

In case you haven't read it yet. President Duterte plans to capture all bad people in the Philippines not just stop drugs.

In the latest news there has been reports that the next list will be about, Oligarchs, Businessmen who evade taxes, and Mayor's here in Metro Manila.

According to Interior and Local Government Secretary Ismael “Mike” Sueno the government is in the process of building airtight cases against some Metro mayors, when he was asked why Duterte’s list did not contain names of local government officials in the National Capital Region.

“When it comes to Metro Manila, we need to validate and re-validate information, we’re really gathering evidence against them,” he said.

Sueno added that he was sure another list will be made public soon but did not give a timeframe.

Robert “Bobby” Eusebio, the mayor of Pasig City which made the headlines following the raid of a large drug den dubbed “shabu tiangge” in 2006, jumped the gun and denied any involvement in illegal drugs.

“That’s an urban legend. There’s no truth about that. I have been waging a relentless fight against illegal drugs in our city for the past years,” Eusebio told reporters.

In the business side the name of Roberto Ongpin has been announced as an Oligarch. As reports come in it has been hinted that the so called Taipans of the Philippines will mostly be subjected to investigation.

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