VILLAR: R-10 Opens After Six Presidents

After six presidents, Department of Secretary Mark Villar announced that the road traversing the old Smokey Mountain area congested by informal settlers is now a high capacity highway helping offset the usual heavy volume of vehicles in major highways like EDSA and C5.

“Following the mandate of President Duterte, Filipinos will now have access to an improved and widened Radial Road 10 or R-10 which they may opt to use as alternate route to EDSA via Bonifacio Drive and Roxas Boulevard in travelling from north to south and vice versa,” Villar said.

“The opening of the additional two (2) lanes along Radial Road 10 or R-10 Road on Thursday, January 12, 2017 between Pacheco Street to Zaragoza Street in Tondo, Manila will further improve vehicular traffic,” Villar said.

R10 is also an alternate route for motorists from Monumento, Caloocan City going to the airport and South Luzon Expressway.

“The 24/7 operations will be maintained until the full six (6) concrete paved lanes along R-10 Road northbound is fully completed. We hope that by April 2017, the public could access all phases of the project,” Villar said.

“The concrete paving of 360 lineal meters 3rd innermost lane is also already completed to include 72 lineal meters 4th, 5th and 6th lanes while others are undergoing excavation and base and sub-base course preparation, ” he added.

Earlier, DPWH together with the local city government of Manila relocated some 2,107 informal settler families and additional 427 families were given financial assistance for the government to regain the 50 lineal meters road right-of-way and facilitate widening and concreting of R10 to six (6) lanes on both directions to increase its traffic capacity. 

About 818 informal settler families at the Navotas segment were also relocated and 1,122 availed financial assistance, paving way for the completion of widening and concreting of Radial Road 10 at Barangay North Bay Boulevard, Navotas City.

The road segment from Maralla Bridge to C-3 Road is almost completed with Foundation Specialist Inc. allowing the DPWH to finally complete the remaining 152 lineal meters gap traversing the company’s fenced lot.

The 9.7 kilometers R-10 stretching from Delpan Bridge, Tondo, Manila to the mouth of the Malabon River at Bangkulasi Bridge, C-4 Road in Navotas City is a major cargo trucks and trailers route bound to both north and south Ports of Manila.

“The project has been conceptualized in the 1980s. For the past three decades, the government has been hounded by right of way issues. Proud to report that within six months of the Duterte Administration, in coordination with the local governments of Manila and Navotas, we have peacefully resolved all right of way issues,” Villar said.

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